Maintenance or Conservation

Regular Maintenance

The difference between a garden and a good garden that stays beautiful over the years is regular Maintenance. Maintenance consists, in addition to maintenance visits, of a technical follow-up by professionals, the adaptation of the irrigation network, the perfect knowledge of the vegetation, the quality of the work material, the knowledge of the most appropriate schedule for the works, good response time, professionalism and love the work… and the garden.

Cleaning of Lands and Forests

ECOSSISTEMAS has a fleet of machines with the capacity to respond to any type of work from the cleaning of lands and forests, deforestation, to pruning of trees. We clean lands, plots, private houses, etc, etc…

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Phytosanitary Treatments

ECOSSISTEMAS offers all types of treatment services for vegetation, weeds or pests in the garden or green spaces, always accompanied by a technical and certified person responsible for the respective works.

Including cleaning and fighting the Pine processionary.

Green Areas

One of the main areas of our home is the Garden. However, we do not always have the patience or time to care for it and give it the attention it needs. ECOSSISTEMAS has the capacity to maintain any type of garden, from a small house to the maintenance of large developments. This is possible thanks to the vast teams that have been created over the years, which are complemented by the supervision of a specialized technician.


Trees and Palm Trees

ECOSSISTEMAS has the material to offer any type of cleaning services and pruning of trees including large pine and palm trees.


Ecossistemas has the necessary skills to provide maintenance and conservation of any type of indoor garden, from gardens with planters and flowerbeds, to vertical gardens.